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Our Vision




Unconditional love

We envision a nourishing community of beautiful souls, striving for glowing health and wellness on every level. 

Through positive intention, meaningful healing relationships, strong spiritual connection to universal energy, and mindful action, we aim to enable and propel the positive evolution of humanity. This will be seen through the improvement of the lives we touch directly, and on a larger scale through the collective consciousness.

It is our intention to bring healing to you, and contribute in a meaningful way to the healing of humanity.

Our goals include: a beautiful & uplifting working space for various classes and health workshops, online workshops, a source of inspiration and education to serve people on their journey home to Self, in perfect health and wellness.


Our Commitment

As part of our mission, we donate 10% of all profits to charitable ventures.

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About Ruth

Ruth has been a Qualified Naturopathic Practitioner after completing her Bachelor of Health Science, for which she was honoured with a distinction in 2017. 

Ruth is highly compassionate and caring, committed to building nourishing therapeutic relationships with her clients. She has a strong commitment to serving the higher good in her clinical practice and in her general community. 

Ruth comprehensively treats the whole person, including all body systems, mental and emotional components and lifestyle factors. 


She integrates nutritional and herbal medicine within your customised treatment plan to create long- and short-term goals lovingly formulated to create lasting change. 

She believes strongly in the healing power of self-love and mind-body healing; with a specific focus on spiritual evolution and inner work as a gateway to glowing health.

She has a vibrant love for wholefood nutrition, cooking, flower essences, balneotherapy, and the wonder and power of herbal medicine.

Ruth specialises in treating:

  • Fertility care

  • Female health

  • Stress management

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Adrenal exhaustion

  • Children's health

  • Autoimmune conditions

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